Sample Religion: The Argent Path

Motivation: There is a war being fought between good and evil. Sansehl is the One Light, the true and benevolent god who has created the Argent Path for the virtuous to follow. Those who walk the Path and follow his laws will illuminate the world. Opposing him is Llevalak, his immoral and perfidious bride who was cast off the Path by her husband. She resides in the shadows, attempting to lure others into the darkness with her. She tempts and encourages mankind’s ugliest of urges and innermost desires, constantly whispering lewd promises and unsavory enticements.

The laws of Sansehl require discipline, but they are for the good of humanity. The unceasing temptations of Llevalak are insidious and cannot easily be resisted without the aid of the One Light. The Argent Path is not an easy road to travel.

Personality: Dogmatic, militant and firm. The Church of the Argent Path follows the laws of Sansehl with unrelenting fervor and does all it can to protect the moral fiber of the faithful.

The Church also recognizes that evil exists throughout the world and must be actively fought. There are numerous knightly orders dedicated to protecting the weak, fighting threats and championing various causes. The most common of these are the Wayfarers, who protect travelers of all kinds and consider any path traveled by the righteous to be an Argent Path.

History: With its true origins lost in time, legends say that the Argent Path was first discovered by a miner trapped in the Primea Mountains. A sinful and heartless man, he feared dying alone in the darkness and wept. His cries were heard by Sansehl, who chose the unworthy miner to be his first Walker and granted him a vision. Suddenly, the man was filled with the One Light and found himself with a deep understanding of the Argent Path and its laws. Given a new purpose, he opened his eyes and found a glowing silver vein that led him out of the mountain. From this single man, the word of Sansehl spread, eventually leading to the formation of an entire nation.

Afterlife: The faithful who follow the Path and refuse Llevalak are rewarded after death. They become one with the Light, part of a greater whole that shines down upon the world to bring comfort to the deserving and push back the shadows of evil. Those unable to stay on the Path are doomed to wander in the shadows, forever looking into the light but unable to enter.

Apocalypse: Members tried to warn the world, but too many failed to heed the Light. Now the entire world is paying the price. The Church believes it was too lax in its enforcement of Sansehl’s laws, tolerating the erroneous beliefs of others and turning a blind eye to the immoral actions of those beyond the borders of Nascency. Those who remain follow the Path with increased zeal, spreading the Light to all they meet.


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