Snippets from Desolation that have been chosen to provide a glimpse of some of the game's distinct features will be listed below.

Sample Monster: Combined Corpse

Forged by the Weave from pieces of corpses littering Scondera after the Night of Fire, combined corpses are constantly searching for new body parts as pieces of them rot away. More»

Oruskan Overview

The races that rule the Oruskan Wilderness — the kobolds, goblins orcs and trolls — are poised to take advantage of the fall of civilization. More»

Sample Tradition: Primal Magic

Practitioners of Primal Magic see all of Nature’s plants and creatures as one living thing. Magic flows through Her like blood through veins. They command individual plants and animals by directing Her blood flow where they need it. More»

Sample Religion: The Argent Path

The laws of Sansehl require discipline, but they are for the good of humanity. The Argent Path is not an easy road to travel. More»

Elven History

Cursed by Nature that they once held dear, the elves were stripped of their magic, their forest homes and their dignity long before the Night of Fire. More»

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