Religion in Desolation

Many strive to find their place in the universe and to understand the mysteries of existence. They look to higher powers to give them comfort, protection and purpose. Religion helps guide the faithful through their lives and provides answers to the otherwise unanswerable questions.
In the world of Desolation, there is no single religion that is truer than another. There is no celestial battle between good and evil for the destiny of mankind. No gods walk among the people, or ever did, though that does not stop people from believing in them.

All religions in Desolation believe in some kind of higher authority, be it from a single god to a sprawling pantheon. In fact, each of the faiths has gotten it wrong. The closest things to deities in the Desolation setting are the Two Above, more akin to cosmic forces than gods. They exist solely to keep the universe in balance, one representing the forces of creation and the other the forces of destruction. Not all religions include the Two Above, but many do in some form.

The Two Above have no personality or agenda, they simply are. Their presence is in almost all things, existing together, opposing one another, or one following the other in an unending cycle. It is a delicate and constant balance that exists everywhere, often unseen.

Divine power is invisible in the world of Desolation. There is no proof that any of the various religions and beliefs are correct. There are no clerics calling down holy fire or invoking their god’s name to perform great miracles for the masses. People have faith for one reason: Their religion answers life’s difficult questions for them. It helps define who they are and why they do what they do.

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Religions of Desolation

Religion Primary Worshippers
Empyrean Faiths Humans from Ascondea, the Marches and the Warlands
Argent Path

Humans from Nascency and beyond

Mohzaik Pantheon Humans from the Warlands and Saikin Wastes; Oruskans
Cult of Baranthum Oruskans
The Five Pillars Dwarves from Cair Dhurn and Oukal
Tsai'zhil, The Horizon's Call


The Chorus Elves
The Ancestral Stream Gnomes
Primalism Oruskans; Humans from northern Ascondea, Jherlind, Loslolin and Verelanar
The All Within Loranthians
Desolation Greymalkin Designs