Combined Corpse

Forged by the Weave from the pieces of corpses littering Scondera after the Night of Fire, combined corpses are constantly searching for new body parts as pieces of them rot away. They have the ability to rebuild themselves if even a small portion of them is not destroyed by fire. They attempt to obtain the body parts they need by dismembering opponents.

Special: Characters bitten by a combined corpse must make a Body roll against an Infection Rating of 1 or become feverish and nauseated (-2 to all Skill rolls) for four hours.

Special: To dismember an opponent, a combined corpse must first succeed at a Grapple attack (see the Desolation core book, page 177). The grappled opponent can break free in his next turn by succeeding in an opposed Strength roll. If the opponent does not break free, the combined corpse will attempt to dismember him. If the combined corpse succeeds in an opposed Strength roll and more than doubles the opponent’s successes, the opponent has been dismembered, but is no longer grappled.

Regardless of a successful dismemberment, the opponent takes Lethal Damage equal to the difference of the opposed Strength rolls. The combined corpse can continue making dismemberment attempts until the opponent breaks free or is dismembered.


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